Mama Mia

Mama Mia

I’ve been cared for by you since I don’t know when

So I made up my mind, that we can be friends

Look at me now? Will I ever learn?

I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control

There’s a fire within my soul

Just one look and I can hear Peppa Pig

One more look and I can make Mama sing, wooooah

Mama Mama, here I go again, 

Ma-Ma, how can you resist me?

Mama Mama, please do that again 

How I’ll giggle when you tickle me

Yes, you’ve been broken-nighted

Tired, since the day you started

One day, you will have to let me go

Mama Mama, now I really know

My, my how you love to watch me grow
You make me happy and proud with the things that you do

But I can’t count all the times I’ve told you not to,

Throw your milk cup, it goes on the floor

I think you know, that won’t amuse your Mummy

So don’t you give me that look of glee

Just one look and I forget everything 

One more smile and I’ll forget your crying wooooah

Mia Mia, here we go again

My my, how can I persuade you?

Mia, Mia, to eat your food again?

My my, what else can a Mama do?

Tiring it is I’ll admit

But you make it all worth it

How, how? Will I ever let you go?

Mia Mia, even if I say 

You’re getting so clever

Mia Mia, you’re bigger every day

But you’ll be my little girl forever

Mama Mia, I’ve begun to see

Just how, we’re growing together

Mama Mia, how you challenge me,

Why why, are you such a monkey?!

You find new ways to test me

I’m being the best I can be

How I, really hope that you know

Mama Mia now we really show

My my how we love each other so.

Mama, Mia & Toddler Sleep Battles

Mama, Mia & Toddler Sleep Battles

Mama: This Mama is tired. Obviously not as tired as during the newborn phase (I’m not entirely sure that level of exhaustion should be legal…at least now I know why it’s used as torture) but more than a little tired. Mia is now 18 months old. She is stronger, sassier and more switched on than ever before but; She. Cannot. Sleep. Well she can, but she wakes up at 3am, sits up and screams her head off. She calms quickly but then has trouble going back to sleep again. Her little brain is firing off messages all over the place and the poor kid cannot get any rest.  Which means neither can Mama and Dada, who both now resemble zombies, with the temperament to match. One thing the previous 17 months of parenthood has taught me is: This Too Shall Pass.  Sometimes I am amazed at how far we have come; we went through the newborn stage, we handled the 4 month sleep regression (that one is an absolute killer!), the colds and the teething, the nightmares and tears. I didn’t do any sleep training, but not because I am against it, I just didn’t think it was a good fit with her. I wouldn’t rule it out with any siblings, because sleep really is essential and happy, healthy and functioning parents are imperative to the kind of supportive and active family life that a toddler needs.  But for now we will just keep going, fueled by coffee and love, in the knowledge that one day I’m sure I will actually miss our sleepy 3am snuggles.

Mia: I love sleeping.  I get all snuggly in my sleeping bag, have some nice warm milk and maybe a story and then go off to sleep.  When I wake up, I gather up my dummies and Mama or Dada comes to get me. Sometimes I can’t sleep though. Sometimes I have nasty dreams about dragons and dinosaurs and I get scared, then I wake up and it’s dark and I am frightened. Mama or Dada always cuddle me if that happens though.  Other times I can’t get to sleep, I keep thinking about all the things I did that day, like going to the park and seeing all the other children running around, going on the swings and then being at home and trying to stand up on my own and walking along the sides of the sofa.  When  I was first born it was like everything was black and white and there wasn’t much to see; Mama and Dada’s faces, milk. That was about it, but now I am older I see more and more things every day and it’s all so colourful and vibrant, it’s like fireworks going off and I get so excited I can’t go to sleep.  Mama and Dada are always there though.  They always help me when I can’t sleep and that makes me happy. Secretly I like getting cuddles from Mama in the night too, she’s all sleepy and warm and I know she’s happy and that makes me happy too. I won’t need snuggles soon because I’m growing up, but I know I will always have Mama there just in case I need her.

15 Annoying Things About Toddlers (and Mamas)

15 Annoying Things About Toddlers (and Mamas)

Things that Annoy Mama about having a Toddler:

1. Getting up ridiculously early, even at weekends.

2. Watching the same TV programmes over and over.

3. Screaming when I change her nappy; it has to be done, it gets done every day, why is that so difficult to understand?!

4. Only eating about 4 different types of food and rejecting anything new.

5. Having a tantrum over minor things e.g. I have stopped Peppa Pig or she’s eaten all the cheerios.

6. Not giving me kisses.

7. Throwing food and/or her cup on the floor.

8. Climbing all over the house, particularly dangerous places; on the stairs and in the bathroom etc.

9. Refusing sleep at nap time or night time.

10. Using me as a sofa / bed and climbing all over me. It’s not comfortable!

11. Saying no to everything, including when she means yes.

12. Getting dirty 10 minutes after I’ve put a nice clean outfit on her.

13. Talking gibberish and then getting annoyed when I don’t understand. Cute but annoying.

14. Finding things like an old toothbrush, deciding it’s a toy and insisting on taking it out in public.

15. Taking up the whole bed if they’re in with you. My toddler weighs about 20lb but can take up an entire king-size bed.

Things that Annoy Mia about Mama:

1. Trying to stay asleep when it is clearly awake play time.

2. Turning off my favourite TV programmes. I love Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig is my favourite. Any episodes with him being silly are the best and can never be watched enough.

3. Taking me out of my warm sleeping bag and pyjamas and putting me on a cold changing mat every morning and wiping my bum with a cold wipe. It’s horrible, stop doing it, I don’t know why that’s so difficult to understand?!

4. Giving me yucky food and then getting upset when I don’t eat it.

5. Not being sympathetic when I am upset because really sad things have happened, e.g. Peppa Pig has gone to bed/the cheerios have run out.

6. Constantly asking me for kisses.

7. Stopping me from dropping my cup or food on the floor. My cup makes a funny noise and then a pretty splash. Food that you don’t need is for playing with.

8. Ruining my climbing games, especially on the stairs (they’re interesting) and in the bathroom (it’s how I get to the toilet roll).

9. Trying to make me go to sleep when I am excited. Not going to happen!

10. Moving when I just get into the right position. It’s uncomfortable! 

11. Not knowing whether I mean yes or no, even when I’ve made it quite clear.

12. Not wanting me to crawl around the garden or the park just because it’s muddy.

13. Not understanding me. It’s so frustrating!

14. Wanting to take away my current FAVOURITE toy because we’re going out of the house…so?!

15. Taking up too much space in bed. I’m a growing kid, I need room. 

Mama would like to know if you think anything else should go on the list? So does Mia!


You Baby Me Mummy
Mia Led Weaning

Mia Led Weaning

Mama: Mia has always been a terrible eater. She used to spit her milk out, bat the bottle out of your hand and just plain refuse to open her mouth. She would always drink the bare minimum amount of formula and she would go on feeding strikes. It was so hard, she was a smallish baby (6lb 7oz) and having not been able to breastfeed I just wanted her to grow and thrive. I felt like I’d failed yet again and a lot of tears were shed out of sheer frustration. It meant, however, that it came as no surprise when she didn’t turn out to be the biggest fan of food either. I suspected I may have an issue with a fussy eater from the outset as I myself am referred to as a ‘fussitarian’ by my husband. This is one of the many and varied reasons I decided to try baby led weaning. I’m really pleased we used this method as it seems to have had a positive impact albeit we still have a typical toddler who eats well for a week and then very poorly. She also goes through phases where she loves something and then decides she hates it. I have chosen to carry on with formula feeding (she is nearly 18m and still being offered 16oz a day) and I wonder if it is this, combined with my own personal food issues and her early issues with milk intake that has made me pretty relaxed about her eating, or lack thereof. I have her weighed to ensure I don’t have anything growth-wise to worry about but I remember the worst thing about being a fussy child was the immense pressure to eat something that you really didn’t like or want for the sake of eating. It’s not healthy for a relationship with food to be a battle and I don’t believe it’s healthy for it to be a dictatorship either.
Mia: I have a little tummy and it fills up quickly. People are always trying to get me to eat more. Mama used to worry about it lots and lots but I hardly ever feel hungry and if I do I let her know.  I point to my snack box or my highchair and she gives me some food. I know she wishes I’d eat some different types of food, like the green ones, but they don’t taste very nice to me. Some days I feel really hungry and other days I don’t, especially when I don’t feel very well or my teeth hurt. Luckily Mama doesn’t try to make me eat, she offers me the food and if I say no she says “that’s OK you don’t have to eat it”. That makes me feel better. I really love watermelon, it’s my favourite.  I’ve tried other things like strawberries and peaches and bananas but watermelon is the best. Toast is always nice too. Sometimes I like to try new things, like the time Dada gave me some blueberries.  Mama said I wouldn’t eat them because she’d given them to me loads of times before but I ate them all up and then asked for more.  They were actually quite nice, but then the next day she offered me some more and I’d had enough of blueberries so I didn’t eat them. I just like to eat what’s yummy and sometimes that changes. I like that Mama doesn’t get angry with me about it though, that would make me sad. I don’t mean to make her worry but it’s really not nice to put things that taste nasty or feel funny in my mouth.  Sometimes things feel funny at first but then if you keep trying them they get better, so I’m sure when I’m a big girl I will eat lots of different foods.


Mama would love to hear from you if you have had food struggles with your kiddo too.

Mama Learning, Mia Teaching

Mama Learning, Mia Teaching

Mama: I remember at my antenatal classes the health visitor asked us all to rate how confident we were;  most of us were first time parents so the numbers hovered between 1 and 5, but there was one lady who was expecting her second and she said 8. I remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine ever getting to an 8, I couldn’t believe the hospital were going to let me take a real live baby home with me because I had no idea what I was doing. If I had to take an exam in it I would get a big fat F.  I’d read books and articles of course; I am by nature academic, but I was going to have to make a million decisions a day for this little person and they can’t teach that in a book.


Well the truth is that I was right. No book or article can prepare you for motherhood or parenthood. I do have to make a million decisions a day.  I have also failed with a big fat F on occasion. But your child comes equipped to teach you and you will lap up the learning. Parenting really is learnt on the job and a large amount of the time through mistakes, but you get to know your child inside out over time. I am now in the privileged position of world expert on Mia and I would say that I’ve finally hit that 8.

Mia: No one on earth knows me better than my Mama. Mama has got the degree in Mia and she’s got a first class one.

We have been together nearly 24/7 since I arrived in her tummy. She knows I nearly always reject my first mouthful of formula, she knows how to get me back to sleep if there’s a loud noise after I’ve just fallen asleep. She knows when I want a cuddle and when I want to be left alone. She knows when to rock me back to sleep and when to make me a bottle because I’ve woken up hungry. She knows the difference between when I call out in my sleep because I’m having an exciting dream and when I call out because it’s a nightmare. She knows that I don’t like my hair in my eyes and that I don’t like my nails cut. She knows to take me straight to the swings when we get to the park and she knows when I want to go home. She knows by the slightest change in my eyes whether I am happy or sad, angry or scared. She knows how to make me giggle even if I’m grumpy.

She doesn’t need anyone else’s advice, she doesn’t need books or studies telling her how to be my mummy, all she needs is her #instinct and all we needed was #time.

The Tactical Mummy
Working Mama, Happy Mia

Working Mama, Happy Mia

Mama: I have a necklace with an ‘M’ on it that I wear every day I go to work. One day, when I’m ready, I will take it off and put it away and when she’s old enough it will be Mia’s. I was really nervous about going back to work; my job is demanding and I was going back shorter hours but 4 days a week. I wasn’t sure if I could be away from her for that long, but actually I was been fine from day one. I adore my daughter and being with her but it is also wonderful to go and drink an entire cup of hot coffee (more or less) uninterrupted – I am an office manager so read ‘chief cook and bottle washer!’- and I can talk about Game of Thrones instead of Peppa Pig.

So often when women become mothers we lose ourselves in being Mummy, being Sue for a few hours 4 days a week really makes me feel much brighter and it helps me engage with Mia more. It certainly wouldn’t work for everyone and it’s not easy. The necklace symbolises so much to me; it’s the fact that no matter where I am or what I am doing she is always with me. It illustrates that I am walking around with my heart outside of my chest…5 miles away with her Grandparents. When I pass it on I hope it makes her think of her Mama every now and then.

Mia: Some days I have Mama all to myself, some days I have Dada and Mama which is fun and some days I am with Nana and Grandad. I used to have Mama every day and that was good too. They’re all different and they’re all fun. I like Nana and Grandad’s, they have different toys from at home and different places to explore. I have my own special chair there and Nana let’s me bounce on her bed. When Mama comes to get me she looks really excited to see me and I get really excited to see her. I did like it when I had just Mama to myself all the time, but she always tries to make sure we do fun things when it’s just me and her; we go to the park and watch other children and I go on the swings, or we go on adventures or to soft play.  She has more energy now and is happy a lot and that makes me feel happy too.PicsArt_08-09-08.19.49

“And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce”

“And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce”

Mama: When I found out I was having a daughter, I knew what kind of girl I wanted to bring up. Her middle name is that of her paternal great-grandmother’s. She is named in honour of the woman I want her to become; tenacious, but kind. Loved by those she loves but takes no prisoners.  Feisty, Fearless and Fabulous. I want her to push boundaries, to be whatever she wants to be regardless of whether that is a ‘male dominated’ field; that will not deter my daughter, she will move mountains if needs be.

I forgot two things when deciding all this whilst pregnant and feeling her kick and roll around inside of me; firstly that it’s not me that gets to decide any of this, it was either already decided in her DNA or she will be decided by her through her own thoughts, opinions and experiences. She is a part of me, but I am not a part of her. The second thing I forgot was that it’s all very well to raise a feisty woman, but I have to live with a feisty child in the meantime.

Mia: I’m a pretty relaxed, easy-going kid. I know what I want though and I won’t stop until I get it. Like when I climb all over things and Mama to get to the remote, which clearly shows I want Peppa Pig on. Dada laughs when I do this and says to Mama “well you wanted her to be feisty”. When I say “No!” and shake my head Mama laughs and tells me: “I gave you the right middle name.” I didn’t crawl for a long time because if I wanted a toy on my play mat I would just pull the mat until it was close enough. Easy! I am not walking yet either. It’s ok for getting around furniture if you want to climb but it’s so much quicker crawling. Mama worries about this and speaks to lots of people about it. She always wants me to do the next thing but I’m cool with doing it whenever. I like to keep her guessing, it’s fun.20170808_074815