Parenting Wins, when you feel like you’re losing

Parenting Wins, when you feel like you’re losing


  1. Make the peanut butter sandwich/fish fingers/ order a pizza/ whatever you know you don’t have to slave over to make and they will eat without question 
  2. Bring them into your bed if you need to. If they’re teething/in a sleep regression it’s only temporary, don’t worry about it. People who judge are welcome to babysit for a night.
  3. Take a cheeky nap. The washing/cleaning/whatever can wait. If you’re exhausted you need sleep.
  4. Let them watch ITNG/ Peppa bleeding Pig or whatever their favourite show is because you need to do the washing you neglected earlier because you needed a nap. We’d all like to limit screen time for our kids but it’s not the devil and sometimes it’s bloody useful.
  5. Go out. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest; the amount of times I took a screamy, grumpy Mia for a walk or to music class in spite of her mood and she turned into a different child are astonishing.
  6. Do nothing. This may seem contradictory to point 5, but you judge the situation. Sometimes cuddling on the sofa and watching Frozen is better than trying wrestle an angry child out of the house.
  7. Leave them. Steady on, I mean *with someone* and go for a night out/hair appointment/coffee/weekend/whatever it is you need alone. 
  8. Ignore the advice (unless it’s medical!). Especially if it’s judgemental. If you feel like you’re losing on something don’t let others bring you down further; no one knows your child better than you. 


Sometimes the best times are when it’s all going a bit wrong; we are all tired and grumpy or I feel ill or my teeth hurt. But those are the times I get my favourite foods, snuggles in bed with Mama, my favourite TV shows and cuddles on the sofa. It’s nice to hear the rain outside the windows and be all warm inside and comfy with some warm milk and a cartoon. Those are the times that I remember best, when I feel bad but Mama makes me feel better. 


The Tactical Mummy

5 thoughts on “Parenting Wins, when you feel like you’re losing

  1. I definitely agree with 5 and 6 above- they seem to contradict each other but they really don’t what’s right for one day isn’t what’s right for another- trust your instincts, I think! Thank you for this post. #TacticalTuesdays

  2. Loved all of them. Absolutely agree about the screen time, it’s so useful and a little bit doesn’t hurt. And also going out is essential for kiddos. My daughters love when I take them to the library or grocery shopping, just anything to get out and a change of scenery. #tacticaltuesdays

  3. I think we should always take the wins when we can and pick our battles! Def don’t listen to judgement or compare yourself to other parents #tacticaltuesdays

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