A Day in the Life: Mama & Mia

A Day in the Life: Mama & Mia


6:30: Ugh. Why does this kid have to get up so early?! 

7:00: I put Ben and Holly on to avoid being hit round the head with a dummy and give her some milk to drink. Fight with her to change her happy, get her dressed and brush her teeth.

8:30: Breakfast. Fine until she’s finished; she hasn’t yet figured out how to say “done” so just chucks her food on the floor. Grr….

9:30: Drive to Aldi. I hear they have a baby event on at the moment…they may also sell alcoholic ice pops. Get there, realise I haven’t got a quid for the trolley. Have to carry 21lb non walking 18m old all round the shop. Why I don’t have guns is beyond me…

10:00: Drive a short distance to a retail park as I have a few things I need to pick up. Getting the pushchair out of a 3 Door mini on your own is no joke, who needs the gym?!

11:00: Drive home. She falls asleep on the way back. I’m not surprised; I mean sure it’s nap time but it hasn’t been a very stimulating morning for her has it? We need to do more, I need to try harder.

12:30: Lunchtime. I wish this kid would eat more. Half a sandwich, half a yoghurt and some watermelon is surely not enough to sustain her?

13:30: Park. She loves it, makes me feel slightly less guilty about our uneventful morning. 

14:30: It’s a lovely day so we go out in the garden, play with bubbles and play dough, fill up the bird feeders and let her explore the garden. She pulls herself up to stand between 2 garden chairs and actually lets go. Wow! This is new…and she definitely knows she did it because she smiles when I clap for her. Then she takes one step between the chairs, letting go for a brief second. Maybe this child will walk!

16:30: She always gets tired around now, so we watch some of her beloved Peppa Pig whilst I prepare dinner.

17:30: Dinner

18:30: Bath time. She loves a bath, but hates when it’s time to get out and screams the place down.

19:00: Stories, milk and finally…

20:00: Sleep

20:30: Watch EastEnders on iPlayer whilst eating aforementioned alcoholic ice pop…this feels very decadent, how times have changed!

21:00: Bed. She’s been waking up at 3am tossing and turning. I wish I knew why so I could help. Surely it can’t be second molars..I thought I had another 6 months before those? Probably a sleep regression, there seems to be one a month!


6:30: Ah, a new day! I wonder what will happen! I start having a chat with Mama over the intercom so she knows to come and get me.

7:00: Ben and Holly and some milk, what could be better than this?! Argh! Why does this always get interrupted to take my clothes off and wipe my bum? It’s coooold! I was cozy! Then she sticks that stupid tickle stick in my mouth, I don’t like it! Then just when I’m getting back to being cozy she pulls my hair around, why?!

8:30: Brekkie, yum! Peanut butter toast, my favourite! And some Cheerios too, even better! Hmm..I’m finished, perhaps if I clear the food away Mama will know…

9:30: Car. Meh. Boring. Oooh where are we now? There’s lots of colours and people and wow, this shop is big, things are stacked high in here, there’s so much to see!

10:00: Car. Meh. Oooh where are we now?, there’s loads of people and all different colours. Wow, Mama is showing me a t shirt with Peppa Pig on it, that’s cool! Now we’re in a different shop, there’s so many different colours and shapes and she’s always talking to me explaining things, I don’t always understand but it doesn’t matter. I like it. 

11:00: Feeling quite tired. I’ll be fine as long as we don’t go in the car…

12:30: Lunchtime! Cheese sandwich yum! And my favourite yoghurt! Watermelon too! I eat until I am stuffed!

13:30: Park! Swings! Best Mama ever!

14:30: I love playing in the garden, there’s so much space and the colours are so bright. Mama lets me fill up the bird feeder, I love dropping the balls of food into the tube. Then she blows bubbles for me to pop and I can see rainbows in them. Then she gave me some pink squidgy stuff which felt funny and she made a Daddy Pig with it. It was amazing! Then I went all over the garden and then I stood up holding on to the garden chairs and I let go! Mama got really excited and it made me happy. I was very pleased, I’ve done it by accident before, but I actually tried to do it this time. I will gain control of my legs!

16:30: I started feeling sleepy and Mama let me watch Peppa. Best Mama ever! I love it so much. Daddy Pig is so funny, he’s so silly, just like my Daddy.

17:30: Dinner

18:30: Bath time! I love splashing and I love playing ‘where has ducky gone?’ where I push ducky over the side of the bath and Mama makes him appear in different places. It’s too cold when I get out of the bath though, I don’t like it!

19:00: Stories and milk. Bliss. I love Mama reading me stories, she does all different voices and makes it funny. She is my everything. What a great day, can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow….mmm…zzzz….

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7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Mama & Mia

  1. I love the way that you’ve written this post from both points of view. I often look back nostalgically over the toddler days but when I read posts like yours I realise that life wasn’t quite so rosy! I’ve probably watched every episode of Peppa Pig more than once!!


  2. Hi, this is very cute. You’ve probably got your little girl’s thoughts spot on. You are her world!… I bet you never thought you’d see the day when an alcopop was the height of decadence!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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