Daddies & Daughters

Daddies & Daughters

Mama: I carried Mia for 39wks 4 days. I heaved every time I brushed my teeth, I threw up and I got heartburn. I slept on my side (I sleep on my back) and my digestive system turned against me, as did my respiratory system. I had a permanently blocked nose. I was so emotional I cried at an Amazon advert (?!). I laboured for with her back to back for 12 hours, around 8 of those with zero pain relief (then I went straight for a glorious epidural – I don’t mess about!) I pushed her out into the world. 
Who is her favourite? Daddy. Who does she squeal with happiness to see? Daddy. Whose name does she scream with excitement? Dada! Who does she wave her arms around and give the best giggles to? Daddy. I am not surprised at this being a daddy’s girl myself; you know what they says, a daddy holds his daughter’s hand for just a little while, but her heart forever.

Mia: I love my Dada. He is the best. He runs the best baths; they’re always nice and warm and very deep. He waits until I’m ready to get me out of the bath and then he gives me a big cuddle. Dada makes the best toast too. He puts lots of butter or peanut butter on and it tastes really yummy. I like how silly he is too, he does funny faces and funny dances for me and he plays peekaboo with the coasters when we’re eating dinner with me.  He sticks his tongue out at me and blows raspberries. He lets me play on his computer even though I know it’s precious. I get so excited to see him and I call out for him as soon as we get home. I always feel safe when Dada is around, if I’m scared or wake up in the night he cuddles me and then I feel all better. I love him to the moon and back just like in the story.

Mama & Mia would love to hear about your little girl’s relationship with their daddy, or indeed your son’s; what’s a daddy & son relationship like?

This blog is dedicated to all the Daddies out there, but in particular to my husband. For everything you have done and continue to do for our little family. We appreciate how hard you work for us and we love you xxx

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