18 Things we’ve learned in 18 months of parenthood.

18 Things we’ve learned in 18 months of parenthood.


1. This Too Shall Pass; teething, bad sleep, eating ups and downs. Most issues in parenting are temporary. Then you move onto the next issue…!

2. One step forward, two steps back. They sleep through, then they don’t again…you do make progress, though sometimes it may seem glacial.

3. Sometimes they won’t do what you want and you have to accept that. I wanted to breastfeed, Mia didn’t. I wanted to do baby led weaning. Luckily she took to it but I was prepared to abandon that plan and give her purees if it didn’t work out.

4. Their timing is usually totally inappropriate. They poo just before you go out, they don’t sleep when you’ve got a big day at work the following day. You just have to roll with the punches.

5. They are a part of you, but you’re not a part of them. They will become their own person, not what you want or envisage for them. 

6. You will not have a clue what you’re doing. And that doesn’t really go away, but you learn that nobody else does either and that everyone underestimates instinct. Babies are humans and you get to know them and what they like.

7. You learn as you go When Mia was a newborn, I had no idea that babies shouldn’t have honey under one. I learned that whilst reading up about weaning. They say a worried mother does a more thorough investigation than the FBI. They’re not wrong!

8. The Mummy Guilt is Real I’ve learned the best way to deal with it for me is to embrace it; it’s ok to feel guilty about things, everyone does and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent, then you push it away, like blowing a paper boat across water.

9. You will love more than you ever knew possible Even when they’re being annoying, one cheeky grin and it all melts away.


1. The world is big, loud, scary and amazing so many colours, shapes, textures, different things to explore. I want to see everything and touch everything.

2. Learning to do new things is hard and it takes time. It’s very frustrating sometimes and I get very angry and then one day it all fits together like my animal puzzles and I can do it. Then it’s exciting!

3. Sometimes I make things difficult for Mummy I don’t mean to but my brain works in a certain way and I can’t understand how to do things the way she’d like.

4. Going to different places is fun Sometimes I get bored or I’m tired, then we go somewhere else, like for a walk or to Grandad’s and then I’m happy because there are different things to look at and explore and different toys to play with.

5. Everything is an experiment I like to test things all the time; will this gate open? What happens if I drop my cup on the floor? How do I take this tower of blocks apart? I test everything, lots of times to see if things change.

6. Sometimes Mamas and Dadas go away But it’s okay because it’s only for a little while usually and they always come back.

7. Being silly is funny I love to make Mama and Dada laugh. I like to poke out my tongue and make silly faces. I like it when Mama and Dada are silly too, like when we dance around the kitchen. Today I bent right over, put my head in the floor and looked through my legs. Then I took my hands off the floor and Mama cried with laughter.

8. Being outside is great I love going to the park and being in the garden. There is more space to play and lots of different things to see and the sounds are lovely too.

9. Mama & Dada are the Best They make me feel safe, they make me laugh and they cuddle me when I’m sad or scared by the world, they help me to understand things so I’m not afraid anymore.

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11 thoughts on “18 Things we’ve learned in 18 months of parenthood.

  1. Ahh I love this! I think that first year is a huge learning curve but this too shall pass is something I remind myself every single day at some point! Such a fab relatable post! Thank you for joining us at #bigpinklink

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