Mama, Mia & Toddler Sleep Battles

Mama, Mia & Toddler Sleep Battles

Mama: This Mama is tired. Obviously not as tired as during the newborn phase (I’m not entirely sure that level of exhaustion should be legal…at least now I know why it’s used as torture) but more than a little tired. Mia is now 18 months old. She is stronger, sassier and more switched on than ever before but; She. Cannot. Sleep. Well she can, but she wakes up at 3am, sits up and screams her head off. She calms quickly but then has trouble going back to sleep again. Her little brain is firing off messages all over the place and the poor kid cannot get any rest.  Which means neither can Mama and Dada, who both now resemble zombies, with the temperament to match. One thing the previous 17 months of parenthood has taught me is: This Too Shall Pass.  Sometimes I am amazed at how far we have come; we went through the newborn stage, we handled the 4 month sleep regression (that one is an absolute killer!), the colds and the teething, the nightmares and tears. I didn’t do any sleep training, but not because I am against it, I just didn’t think it was a good fit with her. I wouldn’t rule it out with any siblings, because sleep really is essential and happy, healthy and functioning parents are imperative to the kind of supportive and active family life that a toddler needs.  But for now we will just keep going, fueled by coffee and love, in the knowledge that one day I’m sure I will actually miss our sleepy 3am snuggles.

Mia: I love sleeping.  I get all snuggly in my sleeping bag, have some nice warm milk and maybe a story and then go off to sleep.  When I wake up, I gather up my dummies and Mama or Dada comes to get me. Sometimes I can’t sleep though. Sometimes I have nasty dreams about dragons and dinosaurs and I get scared, then I wake up and it’s dark and I am frightened. Mama or Dada always cuddle me if that happens though.  Other times I can’t get to sleep, I keep thinking about all the things I did that day, like going to the park and seeing all the other children running around, going on the swings and then being at home and trying to stand up on my own and walking along the sides of the sofa.  When  I was first born it was like everything was black and white and there wasn’t much to see; Mama and Dada’s faces, milk. That was about it, but now I am older I see more and more things every day and it’s all so colourful and vibrant, it’s like fireworks going off and I get so excited I can’t go to sleep.  Mama and Dada are always there though.  They always help me when I can’t sleep and that makes me happy. Secretly I like getting cuddles from Mama in the night too, she’s all sleepy and warm and I know she’s happy and that makes me happy too. I won’t need snuggles soon because I’m growing up, but I know I will always have Mama there just in case I need her.

7 thoughts on “Mama, Mia & Toddler Sleep Battles

  1. My little girl is 5 months old and we are well into the sleep battle, I really enjoyed reading this and it has kind of given me hope that there is light at the end of our very dark 2am tunnels 😃

  2. We barely had any sleep with my now three year old. She hasn’t been too bad for the last few months but basically for the first 2 years of her life we didnt sleep. X

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