15 Annoying Things About Toddlers (and Mamas)

15 Annoying Things About Toddlers (and Mamas)

Things that Annoy Mama about having a Toddler:

1. Getting up ridiculously early, even at weekends.

2. Watching the same TV programmes over and over.

3. Screaming when I change her nappy; it has to be done, it gets done every day, why is that so difficult to understand?!

4. Only eating about 4 different types of food and rejecting anything new.

5. Having a tantrum over minor things e.g. I have stopped Peppa Pig or she’s eaten all the cheerios.

6. Not giving me kisses.

7. Throwing food and/or her cup on the floor.

8. Climbing all over the house, particularly dangerous places; on the stairs and in the bathroom etc.

9. Refusing sleep at nap time or night time.

10. Using me as a sofa / bed and climbing all over me. It’s not comfortable!

11. Saying no to everything, including when she means yes.

12. Getting dirty 10 minutes after I’ve put a nice clean outfit on her.

13. Talking gibberish and then getting annoyed when I don’t understand. Cute but annoying.

14. Finding things like an old toothbrush, deciding it’s a toy and insisting on taking it out in public.

15. Taking up the whole bed if they’re in with you. My toddler weighs about 20lb but can take up an entire king-size bed.

Things that Annoy Mia about Mama:

1. Trying to stay asleep when it is clearly awake play time.

2. Turning off my favourite TV programmes. I love Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig is my favourite. Any episodes with him being silly are the best and can never be watched enough.

3. Taking me out of my warm sleeping bag and pyjamas and putting me on a cold changing mat every morning and wiping my bum with a cold wipe. It’s horrible, stop doing it, I don’t know why that’s so difficult to understand?!

4. Giving me yucky food and then getting upset when I don’t eat it.

5. Not being sympathetic when I am upset because really sad things have happened, e.g. Peppa Pig has gone to bed/the cheerios have run out.

6. Constantly asking me for kisses.

7. Stopping me from dropping my cup or food on the floor. My cup makes a funny noise and then a pretty splash. Food that you don’t need is for playing with.

8. Ruining my climbing games, especially on the stairs (they’re interesting) and in the bathroom (it’s how I get to the toilet roll).

9. Trying to make me go to sleep when I am excited. Not going to happen!

10. Moving when I just get into the right position. It’s uncomfortable! 

11. Not knowing whether I mean yes or no, even when I’ve made it quite clear.

12. Not wanting me to crawl around the garden or the park just because it’s muddy.

13. Not understanding me. It’s so frustrating!

14. Wanting to take away my current FAVOURITE toy because we’re going out of the house…so?!

15. Taking up too much space in bed. I’m a growing kid, I need room. 

Mama would like to know if you think anything else should go on the list? So does Mia!


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6 thoughts on “15 Annoying Things About Toddlers (and Mamas)

  1. Aww such a great list, i can definitely relate to a lot of these now that logi is 15 months old, hes turning into such a monkey, god help us when the terrible 2’s hit!!!! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. This is so gorgeous! I love how you have switched it round in the second half. I am so with you on the nappy changes but now I can totally see why it would piss me off too! Especially when taken from doing something fun to have it done! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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