Mama Learning, Mia Teaching

Mama Learning, Mia Teaching

Mama: I remember at my antenatal classes the health visitor asked us all to rate how confident we were;  most of us were first time parents so the numbers hovered between 1 and 5, but there was one lady who was expecting her second and she said 8. I remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine ever getting to an 8, I couldn’t believe the hospital were going to let me take a real live baby home with me because I had no idea what I was doing. If I had to take an exam in it I would get a big fat F.  I’d read books and articles of course; I am by nature academic, but I was going to have to make a million decisions a day for this little person and they can’t teach that in a book.


Well the truth is that I was right. No book or article can prepare you for motherhood or parenthood. I do have to make a million decisions a day.  I have also failed with a big fat F on occasion. But your child comes equipped to teach you and you will lap up the learning. Parenting really is learnt on the job and a large amount of the time through mistakes, but you get to know your child inside out over time. I am now in the privileged position of world expert on Mia and I would say that I’ve finally hit that 8.

Mia: No one on earth knows me better than my Mama. Mama has got the degree in Mia and she’s got a first class one.

We have been together nearly 24/7 since I arrived in her tummy. She knows I nearly always reject my first mouthful of formula, she knows how to get me back to sleep if there’s a loud noise after I’ve just fallen asleep. She knows when I want a cuddle and when I want to be left alone. She knows when to rock me back to sleep and when to make me a bottle because I’ve woken up hungry. She knows the difference between when I call out in my sleep because I’m having an exciting dream and when I call out because it’s a nightmare. She knows that I don’t like my hair in my eyes and that I don’t like my nails cut. She knows to take me straight to the swings when we get to the park and she knows when I want to go home. She knows by the slightest change in my eyes whether I am happy or sad, angry or scared. She knows how to make me giggle even if I’m grumpy.

She doesn’t need anyone else’s advice, she doesn’t need books or studies telling her how to be my mummy, all she needs is her #instinct and all we needed was #time.

The Tactical Mummy

2 thoughts on “Mama Learning, Mia Teaching

  1. I think it is such an important thing to remember – no one knows your baby like you do! We have degrees in caring for our babies and no one else is able to tell you what to do. Having said that – it is also important to listen to caring and constructive advice from people who have been there before. It’s all about the balance! Thanks for linking up to #TacticalTuesdays. Look forward to seeing you again next week xxx

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